I'm in the September/October issue of Stage Directions Magazine

This is coming way late, but a few months ago, I was contacted by Stage Directions magazine, a national magazine about the art and technology of the theatre, about doing an interview for their September/October issue. What a compliment!

Though some of the interview, I felt like, was a little ad-libbed, and I have never failed a class in my life as it was stated in the article, it turned out to be a really great piece about my life as a makeup, hair, and wig designer, and some of my philosophies on life and teaching. The interviewer was a super rad lady that I really enjoyed talking to, and no matter what, I’m always going to be really happy about receiving the press…….especially because I’m always working my butt off to improve my situation (and to fund my makeup, art, and travel addictions).

Any who, here is the link, enjoy, and until next time! <3