My little Nori is missing! Please help if you're in the Austin area.

Hi All, 

I know that I haven't updated the blog in a while - I've been busy working on the second season of Rooster Teeth's Day 5, but now tragedy has hit. While we were off shooting in Alpine, Texas for the last month, my little puppy, Nori, got out of the backyard on April 11th and seemingly disappeared into thin air. He's my little sidekick, and I am quite devastated. If you're in the Austin area, please, please, please try to take a look around for my sweetheart. 

Here is the scoop:

He's a fixed Australian Shepard mix that weighs about 12 pounds. He's merle colored, aka marbled-looking black, white, and gray, with bright brown eyes, and he has a very distinctive pink and black nose. He's a bit skittish, but wouldn't ever bite, so if you see him somewhere, please give me a ring immediately at 469-583-3138.

There is a substantial reward being offered as well. I just want my puppy back! Thanks in advance, I hope this tragedy turns around soon, because I am just devastated right now. I love him so much.